Monday, July 31, 2006

Topinka's in (D2 Day)

The governor filed a hope-lifting letter/correspondance, but it wasn't the D2. Republican challenger Judy Baar Topinka filed her report, and while I don't have both sides, I'll summarize it anyway. She shows $3.2M in receipts, $3.0 spent, and $1.5M available. The report lists 1,168 itemized receipts since March 22, totalling $1.8 million, and I can't wade through all of them now, but the top donors since the Primary appear to be James Pritzker at $125K, the Illinois Chamber at $100K (plus $25K from the Chicagoland Chamber), the Realtors at $102,500, and Gerald Forsythe of Indeck at $100K.

Well, I took a dinner break and Blago's still not in. Maybe hitting Send will prompt them to file.

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