Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Where They Stand: Candidates and Reform

The Illinois Campaign for Political Reform now allows voters to learn where candidates stand on important campaign and government reform proposals.

We asked a handful of direct questions about limiting campaign contributions, policing the campaign finance system, giving citizens more information about investigations of ethical conduct in state government, and other important reform proposals. Now, voters can learn what candidates for office want to do to change the system.

Nearly all of the statewide candidates, including the three gubernatorial candidates, answered the questions, but the majority of candidates for the General Assembly dodged the issues.

Despite repeated requests over the past 8 months, only 89 of the 250 men and women running for election to the General Assembly were willing to tell us their positions. Some of those running without any opposition told us they don’t feel any need to tell voters where they stand on these issues. Some incumbents even had the brass to say their record speaks for itself, when many of the issues have not come before the General Assembly for debate or a vote.

With an ex-governor headed to federal prison and federal investigators working overtime on more investigations of state and local governments, voters are questioning the honesty and fairness of government. Every candidate should tell voters how government and elections can and should be improved.

A listing of all responses by candidate is here.

A listing of all candidates by the office they're seeking is here.

A copy of the questionnaire is here.

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