Monday, October 23, 2006

Preparing for the Pres

Campaign disclosure reports tell you who gave, how much, to whom, and when. What they don’t tell you is why, and yet, why is often the most interesting part of the story. With that in mind, here are some donations we’ve spotted in recent weeks that strike us as interesting. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Tony Peraica is getting a serious look by many big donors. Not that there’s blood in the water, but Republicans are far more interested in him than in … that guy who ran in 2002. (The answer to this trivia question is Christopher A Bullock, who spent $4,476.58 on his losing effort). Peraica reports donations of $1K or more from prominent Republicans like Roger Claar, Don Stephens, Tyrone Fahner and James B. Pritzker. He also shows $20,000 from Sam Zell, who usually gives to Democrats (and who gave $75K to Forest Claypool’s primary run). Todd Stroger hasn’t filed his Pre-Election yet, but he’s showing far more traditional Democratic money, including Daley & George, the carpenters, the pipe trades, and SEIU. And (go figure) The Dynasty Group.

Richard Duchossois and his family have been reliable Republican donors for years. Between 1993 and June 30, 2006, they and their companies gave $3.6 million to Republicans and just $400K to Democrats. Any idea why Arlington International Raceway, which they co-own, just gave $50,000 to Senate President Emil Jones?

The Coalition for Jobs, Growth, and Prosperity PAC reported raising $15K since July 1. Where’d they get it? Why, from the Coalition for Jobs, Growth, and Prosperity. No, really; where’d they get it?

Chicagoans the world over cried when the White Sox missed the playoffs. But there was a silver lining for some Democrats, as it meant that Friends of Michael J. Madigan got their ticket deposit back.

Dan Hynes is running statewide for re-election against Republican Carole Pankau. But he’s giving a lot of cash away in the process. So far, reports indicate that he’s given $22,750 to other politicians since July 1, including Democratic challengers in the 27th, 33rd, and 46th Districts, and embattled incumbents Sen. Demuzio, Rep. Granberg, and Rep. Smith. Republican Pankau, meanwhile, hasn’t even reported raising that much over the same period (she hasn’t yet filed a Pre); she shows $14,250 in receipts so far. Reports do show $3,025 in transfers out from Pankau, all to Collar County Republican organizations.

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