Monday, January 08, 2007

Reform Now

As the 94th GA prepares to hand over the gavels to the 95th GA and new statewide constitutionals are sworn in, there's more and more talk of what Illinois needs to do next. As they were sworn in this morning, some of the statewides noted the need for reform legislation, specifically pay to play proposals (not, alas, the governor; no, it was Comptroller Hynes and Treasurer Giannoulias who voiced the need for reform).

What's happening outside of the Capitol? Well:

The Decatur Herald & Review says: "THE STATE of Illinois needs to reform its campaign finance laws immediately." And that's just the lede. It goes on from there.

And the Bloomington Pantagraph ran a three-parter on how campaign finance drives public policy debates. First up, on Saturday, was an in depth look at legislative fundraising. They also ran an intriguing piece on how money gets
laundered through Illinois' political process. Yesterday's was on the growing roster of legislators and statewides who support reform. They're planning a fourth piece to run in February, after all the disclosure reports are filed later this month, summarizing issues with campaign finance.

In all, there promises to be a lot of good reading during the time when the legislature is waiting for the construction to end. Maybe our electeds will follow the stories.

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