Thursday, February 01, 2007

Top Legislative Races in the 2006 General

We hope to have numbers for city and judicial races soon; in the meantime, here are our counts of the top legislative races. Haven't quite got all the kinks worked out of New Blogger; sorry for the formatting.

A few observations: The top spending Senate race was an open seat, though Sen. Judy Myers had represented part of the district under the previous map. Note that in House races, the winner of these top races was always the incumbent. The House race that flipped was the 44th between incumbent Terry Parke and winner Fred Crespo. Parke reported spending $383K, to Crespo's $133K; not only was their combined spending less than half what the #5 House race spent, but the winner was outspent nearly 3:1.

Top Senate Races:

52nd - Michael Frerichs (Winner) $1,192,455
Judy Myers $962,316
Joseph Parnarauskis $620

49th - Deanna Demuzio (Winner) $1,163,580
Jeff Richey $274,696

34th - Dave Syverson (Winner) $779,875
Dan Lewandowski $524,903

22nd - Mike Noland (Winner) $609,291
Billie Roth $602,281

33rd - Dan Kotowski (Winner) $661,302
Cheryl Axley $491,319

42nd - Linda Holmes (Winner) $671,129
Terri Wintermute $499,396

Top House Races:

107th - Kurt Granberg (Winner) $880,914
John Cavaletto $733,570

71st - Mike Boland (Winner) $786,106
Steve Haring $633,805

91st - Mike Smith (Winner) $900,716
Daryl Dagit $515,223

92nd - Aaron Schock (Winner) $860,568
Bill Spears $476,661

101st- Bob Fidler (Winner) $645,337
Dick Cain $475,238

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