Friday, April 13, 2007

Daley Dough

Mayor Daley won the February election by a landslide. So why is he still collecting campaign funds? Since the election, Daley has accepted $460K in contributions from individuals and businesses. The only reason we know this is because he's giving to active candidates, forcing him to report his receipts in real time. To date, he's transferred out only $93K to candidates and ward committees. That’s about a fifth of the money he’s raised.

To put that in perspective, Senate President Emil Jones is also giving to active candidates ($2K to Ald. Tillman), and so he also has to report receipts until next Tuesday. And yet, he reports no receipts since the February elections. Daley may be Da Mare, but people don't just throw money at him for that reason; usually, it's because somebody asks. So why is he raising so much?

His post-victory money comes from a variety of sources. Miles D White, CEO of Abbott Labs, is the top donor with $100K. Gibson’s Steakhouse co-owners Stephen Lombardo and Hugo Ralli combined to donate $25K; J.W. Higgins of Higgins Development Partners also gave $25K, as did something called "UP PAC." UP PAC is not listed with the State Board of Elections, though the address reported by the Daley Campaign is the same as that for the Rosemont-based Builders Association PAC.

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