Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Updated Runoff Totals

Here's our count of how much each candidate in Chicago's runoffs has raised since the February elections. What's particularly striking is how money is plainly a factor in some races and for some candidates, and also how money is plainly not the most important resource for some other candidates. Including fundraising for the February elections, at least four of these races will spend a combined $1 million -- for a seat that's less than two-thirds the size of a state rep district.

Ward Candidate Raised for Runoff Ward Total
2 Fioretti $111K $169K
Haithcock $58K
3 Tillman $191K $518K
Dowell $327K
15 Foulkes $176K $236K
Simmons-Stoval $60K
16 Thompson $341K $421K
Coleman $80K
18 Lane $43K $51K
Stewart $8K
21 Brookins $127K $331K
Jones $204K
24 Chandler $82K $92K
Dixon $10K
32 Matlak $298K $331K
Waguespack $33K
35 Colon $149K $194K
Colom $45K
43 Daley $252K $405K
Smith $154K
49 Moore $381K $493K
Gordon $112K
50 Stone $179K $328K
Dolar $149K

A few observations on reports in the last day: JoAnn Thompson reported $20K from AFSCME and $28K from SEIU. Rey Colon reported $50K from SEIU. Don Gordon reported $1K from "Chicago Chefs for Choice" which is not (yet) a PAC but apparently shares an address with the Illinois Restaurant Association, which has previously given generously to Gordon. And there's still a lot of money on the sidelines. First CD Victory PAC reported another $48,750, but they're not appearing in anybody's receipts column. Yet. Look for a few more A1s to come in later this week, and then we'll have to wait for the Semis this summer.

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