Friday, July 06, 2007

Earlier Disclosure

The governor and the general assembly can't agree on much this year, but one thing they have agreed on is that political committees should file their reports earlier than in the past. One of the only 12 bills signed into law so far this year is HB 426 (it's PA 95-6, if you're counting).

Likely best known as the bill that moves the primary date, it also moves the dates when campaign disclosure reports are due. Signed on June 20 and effective immediately, it moved up the dates on which campaign reports must be filed with the State Board of Elections by 11 days.

Political committees now have to file their reports by July 20, two weeks from today. Candidates and other PACs in Chicago's elections (and all of the other municipals), the few statehouse announced challengers, and of course all of the statewides and incumbent legislators -- all of that data is due to in a mere two weeks. Get ready, get set!

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