Tuesday, July 24, 2007


With the General Assembly in overtime, www.ilcampaign.org on Tuesday began featuring a running count of the days that pay-to-play reform legislation has been held hostage in the Senate Rules Committee.

“Early this spring, the Illinois House approved pay-to-play reforms (House Bill 1) by a vote of 116 to 0, and the Senate placed it in the Rules Committee the next day, April 26,” said Cynthia Canary, Director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform (ICPR). “Ninety days have passed, and House Bill 1 has not budged from the Rules Committee.

“Even though 45 members in the 59-member Senate are sponsors of House Bill 1, Senate President Emil Jones will not allow it to be debated by the full Senate,” Canary said. “Emil Jones should free House Bill 1.”

House Bill 1 would prohibit contractors with state business valued over $25,000 from giving to the officials who oversee their contracts and to candidates for that office. Bidders on state contracts would be required to disclose previous campaign contributions, and state officers, employees and their spouses would be prohibited from profiting from state contract and bond deals.

Visit www.ilcampaign.org for the daily count and more information about pay-to-play legislation, a list of supporters and contact information for Senate President Emil Jones.

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