Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Yesterday's fly-around by the Attorney General and the leaders of the two legislative chambers shows how important electric rates have been recently. Campaign disclosure reports may also add to the picture. This analysis is preliminary, both because we haven't finished running the numbers yet and also because not every committee filed on time. Still, these figures should be suggestive of campaign money flows between electric companies and legislators.

Overall, the industry gave $229K during the first half of 2007. Biggest donors included Com Ed/Exelon ($72K), Midwest Gen ($45K), Ameren ($38K), and Dynegy ($30K). Top recipients include:

Rep. Tom Cross and the House Republican Organization - $37K
Sen. Frank Watson and the Republican State Senate Campaign Committee -$27K
Sen. Jim Clayborne - $13K
House Speaker Michael J. Madigan - $10K (DPI shows -0-)
Illinois Senate Democratic Fund - $10K (Senate President Jones shows -0-)
Rep. Edward Acevedo - $8.5K
Sen. Tony Munoz - $7.5K
Sen. Dale Risinger - $6K
Rep. Brent Hassert - $6K
Rep. Patrick Verschoore - $5K

Check back to ICPR's website for updated disclosure analysis in the coming days and weeks.

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