Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Special Session for Ethics?

The Governor has worked himself into a Special Session because a gun control measure, SB 1007, passed the Senate by one vote and hasn't been called for a vote in the House. If he's going to call a Special Session every time a bill passes one chamber and isn't called in the other, this could be a long string of Special Sessions.

But, playing out that hypothetical, if he's really so concerned about the fate of bills that pass one and then don't get called, maybe he should take a look at HB 1, the pay to play ban, which passed the House last April on a unanimous vote and yet hasn't even been assigned to a committee in the Senate. Not that it's unpopular in the upper chamber -- it has 45 sponsors -- more than enough to pass, even if some of them do stay home.

We're not saying that he should call a Special Session for ethics. But if he did, we can see the quote now. "How is it that a bill that passed... the State House that would ban pay to play, didn't get a chance to have a vote in the Senate?" How indeed.

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