Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Data Update

We're nearly finished cleaning up the disclosure reports filed by candidates for the first half of 2007. We'd hoped to have it done sooner, but some candidates were late to file. Yesterday, Chicago Alderman Willie Cochran filed his report, 24 days past the statutory deadline, and 13 days past the old due date.

Cochran defeated Arenda Troutman for the seat, and while late filing can't compare with federal indictment, he's still off to a bad start. There were two PACs supporting his candidacy: Citizens to Elect Willie B. Cochran, which he chairs, came in late. Citizens United for Change in the 20th Ward filed on time. He ought to take pointers from the other committee. He's a new alderman and a first time candidate, but we hope he's learned that deadlines matter.

With Cochran's report, we're now about ready to post the new data. Look for new Chicago, State and Cook County data on our Sunshine Database within a week.

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