Tuesday, January 22, 2008

D2 Day

Today is D2 Day, the deadline for political committees for state and local office to file their semi-annual disclosure statements for the second half of 2007. The day comes a little early, by traditional standards, for the same reason that the primary comes early: the same law that moved the primary earlier also reset the disclosure calendar. But if you're counting, it's actually late by statutory standards. By law, reports are due by the 20th, but this year, that fell on a Sunday, and Monday was a state holiday; Tuesday the 22nd is the first day of business after the deadline, so today is when reports are due.

If you want to watch the reports come in, click here. The State Board of Elections website instantly updates when new reports are filed; it's all there for your perusal the instant the report is submitted. If you're not quite sure of what you're looking for, however, our Sunshine Database will be updated and posted to our site in about a week. We hope to have the data for legislative incumbents and challengers, judicial candidates, and most Cook County offices standardized and coded so that we can post it one week from today.

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