Friday, February 01, 2008

Updated Fundraising Totals (Including Judicial)

Illinois’ only Supreme Court race, in the First District, is uncontested, but the three races for nomination to the Appellate Court are all seeing active campaigns. The Fifth District race for the Democratic nomination is clearly the hottest. Judy Cates is challenging appointed incumbent James Wexstten. Cates is largely self-financed, while Wexstten has received support from both local Democratic politicians and medical interests. In the First District, there are two seats, only one of which has seen closely contested fundraising.

Fifth District Appellate Democratic - $1,360,900
Wexstten, James - $600,800
Cates, Judy $760,100

First District Appellate Democratic (Burke Vacancy) - $306,900
O’Neal, William $0
Coleman, Sharon $176,300
Greiman, Alan $130,600

First District Appellate Democratic (Campbell Vacancy) - $63,500
Steele, John $49,600
Gardner, Frank $0
Walsh, Richard $13,900

There are a few changes to note in House races. Most significant, there was an error of sorts in 26th District candidate Kenny Johnson’s totals. Despite the footnote that his figures included only cash on hand on July 1 and all fundraising since, his total was actually based on the same formula as the other candidates’. As a result, his total included the $208K that he spent on his aldermanic campaign. Having determined that that money was not available for the legislative primary, I should have excluded it. Here are revised totals.

26th District Democratic - $674,000
Jeffries, Elga (I)- $31,300
Chadha, Paul - $81,600
Jackson, Philip - $60,300
Burns, William - $293,300
Johnson, Kenny (a) - $207,500

This error does not change the rankings of the House races, nor the likelihood that this race may set a record, nor the identity of the top two fundraisers. But it was a mistake, and I’m sorry for that.

The other change in House races is that the 28th District is now in 5th place for fundraising.

28th District Democratic - $252,800
Rita, Robert (I) - $154,600
Mayden, Michael - $1,300
Rayburn, Earick - $96,900
Caston, Pamela - $0
Taylor, James - $0

There were no changes in the rankings in Senate races, but one of the candidates in the top race, Richard Bradley, reported significant new receipts. The revised totals:

20th District Democratic - $723,900
Martinez, Iris (I)- $469,500
Bradley, Richard - $222,500
Guevara, Carlos - $31,900

There were also significant changes in the race for Cook County Board of Review, 2nd District. Challenger Jay Paul Deratany reported six figures late yesterday. The revised totals:

Board of Review, 2nd District Democratic - $2,658,000
Berrios, Joseph (I) - $1,869,400
Deratany, Jay Paul - $788,600

For more information about contributions to all of these campaigns, visit ICPR’s website ( and the Sunshine Database, a powerful search tool and the only database that has standardized the names of all donors to Illinois candidates. The webiste also is home to the Illinois Voters’ Guide, a non-partisan guide to candidates running for seats on the Illinois supreme, appellate and circuit courts, as well as information on where candidates stand on reform issues and who signed the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.

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