Thursday, June 05, 2008

ICPR Statement on the Conviction of Tony Rezko

The Rezko convictions come after years and years of other trials and other headlines about corruption in state government, including jobs, contracts and favors sold in exchange for campaign contributions and bribes.

Everyone in government - from the governor on down - must come to grips with the damage being done. Not only has the public been deprived of fair value for its tax dollars, but their confidence in the integrity of government--and public servants--has been severely eroded.

Our leaders need to get serious about cleaning up state government. This trial has shown that "business as usual" has flourished under this governor. He came into office promising better government, but that promise rings hollow today. After signing the pay-to-play prohibitions into law without changes, the governor should work with legislative leaders and make further campaign finance and lobbying reforms a top priority.