Thursday, June 19, 2008

Illinoisans Trust Reform is Possible

A poll commissioned by the Midwest Democracy Network of voters in five Midwestern states found great distrust in state government and an urgent demand for reform. Over half of Illinois voters (55%) said that Gov. Blagojevich is doing a "poor" job in office. Just under a third (31%) said he's doing a "fair" job, while 13% said he's doing a "good job." The General Assembly fared only slightly better: 26% said it was doing a "poor" job while a majority (52%) said the General Assembly is doing "fair" and 17% ranked its performance as "good." Voters ranked "corruption in state government" as their second biggest concern, after high gasoline prices. But the survey also found that reform is possible: by a 2:1 margin, voters disagree that "corruption in government will always be a problem." The results of the survey, including rankings of 15 possible reforms, are posted on ICPR's website. .

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