Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pay-to-Play Bill Sent to Governor

After a few weeks of talk and predictions, the Governor now has HB 824 on his desk. He has 60 days to take action -- until Friday, August 29. Among his options: he can sign it, he could veto it, he could amend it, or he could allow it to become law without his signature. The bill, percolating for years, finally took shape after weeks of intensive negotiations -- during which time the Governor declined to take part. Despite the bill's passage with nary a dissenting vote, any effort to change the scope of this reform is likely to kill the measure. For that reason, reformers of all stripes have called on the Governor to sign the bill as it is. We at ICPR are happy to talk with the Governor about other, broader reforms once this one is put on the books, but the Governor must demonstrate that he is sincere about enacting reform, not just talking about it. To that end, he should sign this bill as it is. To lend your voice to this discussion, why not send the Governor an e-mail?