Friday, August 15, 2008

Amerigroup giving

Today's Sun-Times reports that Buffalo Grove resident Cleveland Tyson is due to receive $56.25 million for information leading to the federal fraud conviction of Amerigroup, a Medicaid provider. Based largely on evidence provided by Tyson, an employee of Amerigroup, federal prosecutors proved that the company billed state and federal authorities for coverage they did not provide. An October, 2006 jury trial concluded that the company, under contract to insure tens of thousands of people, in fact refused to provide care for pregnant women and people with serious illnesses. After the jury found Amerigroup guilty, the company settled with federal prosecutors for $225 million.

Amerigroup is no stranger to the campaign finance records; they have given more than $140,000 to candidates for statewide and legislative office in Illinois. If you're looking for another angle on this story, here's a list of their top recipients, and how much they gave to each:

(1) Gov. Rod Blagojevich: $37,500
(2) Senate President Emil Jones: $16,400
(3) House Speaker Michael J. Madigan: $10,000
(4) State Sen. Rickey Hendon: $9,500
(5) U.S. Rep. Danny K. Davis (State committee only): $8,500

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