Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Weeks to Election Day - Get your information here

The 2008 General Election is just 25 days away. As voters turn more and more attention to the contested seats on this fall's ballot, ICPR is stepping up and posting more and more information to our website, The site now includes:

* Updated campaign receipt and expenditure data through June 30, 2008 for all legislative and judicial candidates, as well as incumbents not seeking re-election and the statewide constitutionals.

* ICPR's candidate questionnaire replies. Nearly 100 candidates told us where they stand on reform issues; voters can find out by clicking here.

* Our Voters Guide asked candidates for judicial office about their background; their replies can be found here.

* Our list of career patrons and profiles of large donors have all been updated.

Candidates began to file A1 reports earlier this week (A1 reports cover campaign contributions of more than $500, and are filed within two working days of receipt). The Pre-Election disclosure report, listing all reportable contributions between July 1 and October 5, may also be available, though the deadline for filing is about two weeks away. Those raw reports are available through the State Board of Elections website.

Check back to ICPR for updates on the top legislative races and interesting donors. It's all at