Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New PACs

It's October and there are new PACs in the air. Here's a listing of some interesting ones. Details on all of these are available through the State Board of Elections website; search committees by either the name or the State ID.

Senate President PACs

Sen. John Cullerton has a new PAC, formed September 8, called Senate Democratic Victory Fund (State ID 9796; or S9796). It shows $35,500 in receipts, including $25K from the Hospitals. Sen. Jeff Schoenberg has one, too: "Deep Blue PAC" (S9815) formed October 6; it's purpose is to "Support Democratic candidates for Illinois Senate and other offices." It shows $200K total; $100K each from Schoenberg's regular fund and from JB Pritzker.

Con Con PACs:

Metro Chicago United PAC (S9797) is one PAC that urges a yes vote for the Constitutional Convention. Another is Con Con Yes (S9806). Neither report any receipts, as of yet. The only Anti-Con Con PAC I know of, the Alliance to Protect the Constitution (S9745), formed a few months ago and shows $275K in receipts.

Tomorrow's Candidates

Tomorrow's Democrats (S9799) is a metro-east area group to "recruit young professionals to the Democratic Party." It's chaired by Brendon Kelly, whose name is too familiar for me to recognize.

Doug Whitley has formed Whitley for Governor (S9804). And possibly unrelated, Randy White for Lt. Gov is S9809. Neither shows receipts yet.

Friends of Emil Jones III is S9810. It was formed too recently to report any receipts. Of course, he is running against a former clown, so maybe he doesn't need any.

Other New PACs of Note:

There's a new Move Illinois Forward, but this one is chaired by Boyd Ingemunson, and I can't imagine why he chose that name. It's S9777.

Dan Duffy is running for Senate and his main PAC is S9459, but he and Rep. Ed Sullivan have also formed Clover PAC (S9769) to support "Dan Duffy and Ed Sullivan" and other like-minded pro-business candidates.

The Painters District #14 has formed a PAC (Painters District #14 Council PAC). It's S9765. What's remarkable is that they report $349,445.66 in receipts in the first half of the year, including $110,683.89 in non-itemized receipts (which suggests a minimum of 738 donors). They used to give directly; now they're giving through a PAC, and (I'd guess) soliciting members to fund it.

Professional Towing & Recovery PAC (S9759) is not based in Lincoln Park but both of the officers have a good "aarrgh" in their names (well, the chair is William Howard, but the treasurer is Richard Bartell.) So maybe these are Pirates after all.

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