Monday, May 04, 2009

We need reform like yesterday's editorials

Anybody who's ever run for office will tell you that newspaper editorials don't vote; editorial writers, maybe, editorial readers, maybe, but editorials themselves represent only one thoughtful opinion. But with so many thoughtful pieces reaching the same conclusion, you'd think that conclusion had some merit:

This morning's New York Times expressed surprise that "Illinois’s statehouse bosses are hemming and hawing" about the prospects for reform and urged votes on the recommendations of the Illinois Reform Commission

The Chicago Tribune blasts the legislature for doing so little so many months after the Blagojevich arrest (and separately blasts Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie for making reform into a partisan issue)

If you agree with these editorials, you can do something the newspapers cannot: You can speak as a constituent to your elected official.

ICPR offers three ways to help you do this. Visitors to our website can now enter their address and instantly send e-mail to their legislators. We launch the feature with a letter on a topic near and dear to our hearts -- campaign finance reform -- and plan to add new letters in the weeks ahead. Customize the letter all you want; speak your mind. Your concerns will be delivered directly to your legislators!

Our website also directs visitors to a toll-free number (800-719-3020) to call your legislators, and to a petition. So many ways to make sure your representatives know what views you want them to represent!

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