Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A1 Season Has Begun

Monday marked the start of A1 reporting, when candidates have two business days to report donations of more than $500.

The first few reports show that Jonah Edelman is making a name for himself as a generous supporter for Illinois candidates. His group, a non-profit called Stand for Children, gave (apparently) $100,000 yesterday, including $50K to state Rep. Keith Farnham, and another $50K from the group to former state Sen. Steve Rauschenberger. Farnham is a sitting rep in the senate district where Rauschenberger is running (Farnham is taking on former state Rep. Ruth Munson in a tier one race, while Rauschenberger is facing incumbent state Sen. Mike Noland in what is also a tier one race).

Edelman is the son of Marion Wright Edelman. He lives in Portland, Oregon, but has an office in Massachusetts that sent the checks (there are several state affiliates for Stand for Children, including one in Illinois).

For what it's worth, the biggest single donation yesterday was $55K from the Illinois Health Care Association PAC to the Health Care Council of IL PAC. These are both nursing home PACs; anyone want to speculate on why they’re passing money back and forth?

Follow the A1s here. Since we started writing this, more $50K checks have appeared; go see for yourself. If you see anything interesting, send us a note or comment.

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