Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Transfers from the Republican Caucuses in Legislative Races

The weekend saw reports of several large transfers, as it happens all from Republican caucuses. There were also new reports from severla gubernatorial candidates.

The biggest reported increases were by House candidates Adam Brown, Michael Unes, and Billie Roth, and Senate candidate Sam McCann. All reported surges of more than $80K. What they also share, in addition to the size of their bumps, is the source -- nearly all of that money came from the caucuses. Brown reported $65K from the House Republican Organization. He also got two staff people. Michael Unes showed $60K from HRO, plus another $7K in mailings from the state party (which pays a cheaper postage rate than candidates can get). Billie Roth reported just $38K in cash from HRO, but fully $18K in mail from the party. McCann got $87K in cash plus a staff person.

These transfers will continue to be legal after the first of the year. The contribution limits bill signed into law late last year does not cover transfers from parties or caucuses in general elections. We have no problem with candidates playing by the current rules; we do, however, hope that the legislature can find consensus about changing these rules with regard to transfers from parties and caucuses in general elections.

In other filings. Green Party gubernatorial nominee Rich Whitney filed his pre-election report. Whitney had earlier put out a desperate call for money to his supporters; the pre- shows why. He lists total receipts of $31,322.48 , including a loan of $61.15. His total for the November election now stands at $44,404.91, which is the very definition of a shoestring.

Among the Democratic and Republican nominees for governor, polls show voter support about evenly divided. Republican Bill Brady, though, appears to hold a slight money advantage - with pre-election reports not yet filed, he shows $600K over Dem Pat Quinn. Whether the lead is real or not depends on what's in those pre-election reports. We'll know a lot more about this race, and others, in just a few hours.

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