Friday, October 29, 2010

More than $3.2 million raised between Kilbride, opponents; WGN dubs race "one of the most bitter campaigns" in state

Over the last week, retention-seeking Supreme Court Justice Tom Kilbride and opposition group JUSTPAC have filed new campaign fundraising reports showing that more than $3.2 million has been raised between the committees since July 1.

Kilbride, who is completing a 10-year-term on the state's high court, has reported raising about $2.59 million in his bid to serve another term. The justice must secure 60 percent of the vote to do so.

JUSTPAC, the political committee of the tort-reform/business group the Illinois Civil Justice League, has raised about $670,000 to support its bid to oust Kilbride from the bench.

Most of the justice's overall financial support has come from the Democratic Party, which this week chipped in another $50,000 in support. Elected as a Democrat in 2000, Kilbride has now received $1,475,000 in state party support this year (although like all other Supreme Court retention campaigns, Kilbride's retention election is a non-partisan one). Other significant contributions have come from the Illinois Federation of Teachers ($460,000), the Illinois Laborers' Legislative Committee ($75,000), other labor organizations and individual lawyers and law firms.

JUSTPAC's funding remains staked in the insurance and business sectors. The American Justice Partnership, which was formed by the National Association of Manufacturers, has chipped in $180,000. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has contributed $150,000. Today, the committee reported receiving $5,000 from the Illinois Chamber PAC.

WGN Channel 9's report on the Kilbride retention campaign and opposition aired last evening, but it's available online here as well. If you haven't already, check it out!

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James Morgan - Puritan Financial Advisor said...

Today, the committee reported receiving $5,000 from the Illinois Chamber PAC.