Friday, February 11, 2011

Clerk Candidate Mendoza Holds Big Financial Advantage with Assist from Schock

The race to replace outgoing City Clerk Miguel Del Valle remains the "other" contested citywide race. Nearly all of the attention has gone to the Mayoral, and for good reason, but the election of the Clerk plays an important role in city politics.

There are just two candidates: Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Patricia Horton and State Rep. Susana Mendoza. Horton's campaign fund shows just $17K for the race. (She has another fund for her MWRD seat that has very little in it) That's considering cash on hand on the first of the year and all money raised since then. Her four reported donations this year include $1,500 from "Citizens for Good Government," a new state PAC formed by US Rep. Danny Davis that, in turn, reports a single $3,000 donation from Cecil Butler of Pyramidwest Development Corp. a Chicago real estate developer. Other Horton checks include $2K from State Sen. Rickey Hendon; and $7K from two individuals.

By contrast, Mendoza shows roughly 20 times as much cash as Horton. Mendoza's biggest contributors this year include two political committees associated with US Rep. Aaron Schock (R- Peoria). The GOP Generation Y Fund, a federal leadership PAC, gave $5K, as did Schock for Congress, his candidate PAC. Schock, who represents Peoria, served in the state House with Mendoza.

Mendoza's other top donors include AFSCME at $15K, and $10K from Tim Rand and another $10K from Midway Airport Concessionaires. A host of names are at the $5K level: 42nd Ward Ald. Brendan Reilly's campaign fund, nursing home owner Morris Esformes, Clifford Law Offices, Fred Eychaner, and David Herro. She's also tapped donors with Springfield connections, including Midwest Generation and lobbyist John Potts. James Tyree of Abbott Labs gave $5K, and the Abbot Labs Employee PAC gave another $1.5K. (Mendoza lists him as President of Abbott Labs, though it appears he's actually President of a subsidiary called Abbott Biotech Ventures.) Colleagues in the House of Representatives have combined for $9K.

Mendoza is running away with a clear financial advantage. She was uncontested in her re-election effort last fall, and used the time to add more than $60K to her campaign coffers. Horton was mid-term at the MWRD; she was not on the ballot and did not raise much.

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