Thursday, February 17, 2011

For a Better Chicago is the Top Donor to Aldermanic Candidates

Below are updated numbers on giving to aldermanic candidates, as of last night. Note that these exclude giving to other Chicago candidates (the citywides), to other PACs, or to state or county officials.

Top Contributors to Chicago Aldermanic Races (5 or more races) (Excludes self-funders)
$243,223 For a Better Chicago-PAC (17 races)
$240,320 AFSCME IL Council No 31 (25 races)
$196,230 General Iron Industries & Labkron Family (18 races)
$171,400 SEIU Unions SEIU IL Council PAC - SEIU Healthcare IL IN PAC (18 races)
$133,494 UFCW Unions Political Fund of IL UFCW - Local 881 – UFCW DC (14 races)

For a Better Chicago has reported one $10,000 donation from an identified person, the only other reported receipts are listed transfers from itself. The organization could not make these donations without the use of secret money. ICPR filed a complaint with the State Board of Elections to compel disclosure of those funds.

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