Friday, February 18, 2011

Updated Aldermanic Numbers (more on the website)

The Sunshine Database has numbers for all the Chicago candidates. Go have a look. Here's an update on the top donors to Aldermanic candidates, as of this morning.

Top Contributors to Chicago Aldermanic Races (10 or more races) (Excludes self-funders)
$339,840 For a Better Chicago-PAC (19 races)
$249,820 AFSCME IL Council No 31 (25 races)
$222,220 General Iron Industries & Labkon Family (21 races)
$179,900 SEIU Unions SEIU IL Council PAC - SEIU Healthcare IL IN PAC (18 races)
$145,494 UFCW Unions Political Fund of IL UFCW - Local 881 – UFCW DC (15 races)

For a Better Chicago is pulling away from other donors, now nearly $90K more than the second largest donor. They have yet to disclose the source of their funds.

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